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For NCTE Letter No.55793 Dated 30.01.2018
4. (i)
  • (a) Additional Built-up Area
  • (b) Additional Infrastructure
  • (c) Additional Funds - N/A
  • (d) Adhere to staff norms as per regular 2014
  • 4. (ii)
  • Required documents such as land documen, encumbrance certificate, land use certificate and building plan
  • 4. (iii)
  • N/A
  • 8.
  • (a) Sanctioned programmes along with anuual intake in the institution
  • (b) Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and photograph
  • (c) Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last, quarter
  • (d) Names of Students admitted during the current session along with qualification, percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any, date of admission, etc
  • (e) Fee charged from students
  • (f) Available infrastructural facilities
  • (g) Facilities added during the last quarter
  • (h) Number of books in the library, journals subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter
  • (i) The affidavit with enclosure submitted along with application
  • (j) The institution shall be free to post additional relevant information. If it so desires - N/A
  • (k) Any false or incomplete information on website shall render the institution liable for withdrawal of recognition - N/A